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About Urban Agriculture Inc.

Urban Agriculture Inc. provides design, construction, nursery, and maintenance services for incorporating food production in residentialmulti-family housing, subdivision, institutional, civic, and mixed use developments in Atlanta.  Our design strategies result in a seamless integration of aesthetics, site functionality, and production of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other produce for the end user.  Designs can be as simple as substituting fruiting and edible trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and annuals in place of conventional landscape plants in an aesthetically-pleasing layout.  On the other hand, for sites that can accommodate more intensive food production, our team of professionals can design, build and maintain beautifully-landscaped areas devoted to vegetable growing, orchards, aquaculture water features, greenhouse space, and small scale animal husbandry.

For whatever degree of food production desired by the client, we design documents that are carefully tailored to each component of site programming and provide a full spectrum of support services to insure that unique features are installed correctly, maintained properly, and fully enjoyed by the end user.  In a time of uncertain direction in real estate development, Urban Agriculture, Incorporated brings an innovative toolkit to the market that is grounded in traditional values.  By offering a unique and transformative experience for clientele, agriculture in the landscape brings added value to any development.


Mario Campardella

MARIO CAMBARDELLA PLA is a licensed landscape architect in Georgia (LA001717) and Alabama (#739), a Level II – Certified Erosion and Sedimentation Design Professional (#68227), and holds a master of Environmental Planning and Design and a master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia. Before returning to graduate school, Mario worked for ValleyCrest Companies as a landscape designer, estimator, and project manager. His drive for urban agriculture stems from his passion for creating food-producing landscapes in both the urban and suburban landscape.


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