ONLINE NURSERY COMING SPRING 2015  UAI has been busy this winter partnering with farmers and nuserymen and women around Georgia to provide a full line of edible plants to our customers. Our online nursery is targeted to go online in the Spring of 2015. Please stay tuned as we working hard to find the tastiest and most proven varieties for your urban agricultural landscape.

UAI | G R O W’s mission is to provide plant material and product sourcing to streamline project implementation and reduce costs on unique landscape features. In addition to live plant material, UAI will provide a host of related products to ensure a successful and fruitful garden.

UAI | G R O W offers a full line of raised bed planter packages. Each raised bed package comes with a host of seasonal vegetables to get your garden going quickly. We will provide the construction of the raised beds, installation, planting, and instruction on how you can tend to the raised bed garden. With each raised bed garden we install, we offer a maintenance service through our UAI | S U S T A I N  department that will assign a urban agriculture farmer to your raised bed garden. Their job will be to nurture and care for your food-producing landscape, organize clean-up and harvest days, and teach you how sustain yourself, your friends, students/classmates, and families. If you need a raised bed garden design or just interested in urban gardening in Atlanta? Call us, we have licensed professionals that can assist you in the construction of a custom raised bed and a fully edible estate.

UAI | G R O W  is currently developing an in-house commercial-scale nursery specializing in edible species and complimentary ornamental plants.  Most edible-themed nurseries are geared towards the needs of homeowners.  However, our nursery operation will be developed to fulfill the needs of the commercial landscape industry that is now demanding edible trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials in wholesale quantities and specimen sizes.  Not only will we stock a wide variety of edibles in common garden and orchard sizes, we will also offer specimen shrubs and trees (balled and burlapped or up to 48” crates) in sizes suitable for streetscapes, parks, and civic spaces.  Furthermore, this will enable us to easily fill orders for our own installations with plant materials produced to our exact specifications of variety, size, and quality.  We will also have the capacity to produce annual vegetable seedlings to supply each of the gardens and mini-farms that we have designed and built.  Finally, in keeping with our philosophy of natural practices, we will operate our nursery without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.


  • Vegetable Seedlings
  • Berry Bushes
  • Fruiting Vines
  • Fruit Trees
  • Herbs
  • Selected Ornamental Species


  • Aquaculture System Components
  • Hydroponics Supplies
  • Compost, Fertilizers, and Amendments
  • Tools
  • Planter Boxes
  • Rainwater Catchment Products


full service provider of urban agriculture related services