Residential Developments


Bird's Eye Landscape


Developers of residential and mixed use developments are embracing a new strategy: Development-Supported Agriculture.  In the last 25 years Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has provided an immensely successful format for farmers to have a dedicated outlet for their produce and for families to have access to the highest quality food products and to get to know the place and the people who produced them.  In this model, consumers subscribe to a share of the harvest at the beginning of the growing season.  The farmer then delivers a weekly share of the produce and benefits.  Development-Supported Agriculture (DSA) works in a similar fashion except the farm is physically located within a residential community where the majority of the farm’s products are consumed.  In a DSA, the developer establishes the physical infrastructure of the farm and a farmer is hired to grow, package, and deliver the crops, as well as provide opportunities for residents to participate in the farming experience.

Urban Agriculture, Inc. designs, builds, and provides farm staff for agricultural amenities on developments of any size or style.  From the initial stages of land planning and concept development to the first harvest and the long term sustenance and evolution of the landscape, we have a complete package of services to create a fun and thriving farmstead as a valuable amenity to any development.  Design work and installation is all-inclusive.  We don’t just design agricultural features, but we integrate all the other necessary components, as well – stormwater, circulation and parking, entrances, etc.  We also aim to pay homage to each sites unique historic and environmental character and celebrate these in the design of landscape features.  But most importantly, we pay special attention to the targeted clientele or end users of the landscape and devise a plan that will best meet their interests, attitudes, and aesthetic tastes.  A well-designed and executed urban farm distinguishes any development and demonstrates a profound care for the Earth and the health of the community to clientele.

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