Farm to Table Atlanta


The practice of restaurants featuring locally-sourced ingredients on the menu has become a new standard in fine dining and for any eatery offering health-oriented fare.  The practice of producing some of the ingredients at the site of the restaurant is a logical evolution that is becoming common, as well.  There are two main avenues for this: an edible-themed landscape in outdoor dining environments and/or an intensive garden or small farm dedicated to the restaurant.  The first scenario offers a way to have an enchanting garden/patio ambiance for diners and the possibility of producing a small selection of goods for the kitchen (mainly herbs, flowers, and special flavorings).  The second scenario is could take the form of a hydroponic rooftop garden in dense urban areas; a lushly landscaped vegetable garden on adjacent land in suburban neighborhoods; or a fully functioning mini-farm for restaurants at rural lodges, country clubs, and retreat centers.

We understand the unique needs of culinary artists (chefs) to have access to high quality produce in predictable quantities and devise our design and management strategies with this in mind.  We also understand the important of dining ‘ambiance’ for restaurateurs to set the right tone for their clientele.  Working with Urban Agriculture, Inc. insures an elegant design, flawless function of landscape features, and expert horticultural maintenance are – the keys for a successful, hassle-free outdoor dining environment.

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