Our Sustain process

Our goal: not to simply to maintain the look of grass and shrubs, but to SUSTAIN a food-producing landscape that supports healthy a lifestyle for you, your family, co-workers, communities, and all the wildlife around us. 

The Urban Agriculture Inc. SUSTAIN team of edible and ornamental plant specialists will support your food-producing landscape as needed, year-round or just one day. If you are an experienced gardener, we can be there a little. If you have no idea what you are doing but want to know how to grow and eat what you grow, we can definitely help guide you through the four seasons.

For community gardens, the UAI SUSTAIN team will help coordinate and organize tilling, seeding, weeding, and harvest days that can get the whole neighborhood involved.

For corporate centers, the UAI SUSTAIN team can support and supply on-campus culinary kitchens with seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables.

For school yards, the UAI SUSTAIN team can provide educational exercises for kids to get their hands in the dirt and learn about soil science, botany, as well as lessons in the arts like color, texture, and form.

For the rooftop, the UAI SUSTAIN team will transform a grey roof into a greenroof.

For your home, the UAI SUSTAIN team can be a guide for your way to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. We will teach you the tools to grow what you want on your own land.

Regardless of what type of food-producing landscape, the UAI SUSTAIN team will keep your landscape clean, elegant, and fruitful. Often times, a landscape requires care of landscape features outside of the garden, like mowing, weeding, and pruning.  For these instances we have partnered with landscape maintenance professionals to provide quality service for a turn-key solution for property managers.

The process: The first thing to do is call for a site visit. This is free for folks in the metro Atlanta area. We understand many of our clients work full time, so one of our designers will meet you, either week days, week nights, or weekends. We will review your goals for your project, analyze the condition of your site, and provide an honest assessment of how we can help you towards your goals.  For those outside the metro Atlanta area, we are connected to wide network of urban agriculture professionals that can assist. We would be happy connect you to an urban agriculture specialist in your area.

The cost: The cost for SUSTAIN services varies per site. Each food-landscape is different with unique conditions, goals, SUSTAIN services from our Urban Farmers can be as low as $50 a month for residences and $200 a month for our corporate clientele.

The benefit: The benefit is clear – year-round, fresh, local, fruits and vegetables from your land. Imagine a landscape that looks great and you can eat it too. Call it an economic benefit, call it a healthy lifestyle, call it “green”, call it whatever you like, we like to think it’s maximizing your land. Whatever the landscape – office parks to subdivisions to educational campuses to your local community garden – our Urban Farmers will offer you our best solution to provide UAI | SUSTAIN services. Additionally, clients that utilize all of UAI’s DESIGN + BUILD + GROW + SUSTAIN service see huge savings on each phase of their projects.


S U S T A I N  services include:

  • site visit and consultation
  • irrigation troubleshooting and repair
  • weed control management
  • fertilization treatments
  • pest control management
  • energy audits: capturing and re-using water, soil, and solar energy
  • organization and coordination of community garden days
  • educational lessons in the garden


Fun Sustaining Fact: Did you know that Urban Ag, Inc. has a herd of brush-consuming goats?  Our goats are a powerful tool for managing the overwhelming thickets of brush that most landowners constantly struggle with.  Goats thrive on woody vegetation, including some of the most highly invasive plants like privet and kudzu.  In many ways, they are like nature’s ‘Bush Hog’, keeping open areas from becoming completely overgrown.  In a few weeks, our herd of goats can transform an impenetrable jungle into an open and inviting field or forest.  They also are a very social and engaging animal and usually provide ample entertainment for anyone who is around.  They are great match for any landowner seeking to do something productive with fallow land and save on maintenance costs in the process.  The temporary addition of a herd of brush-eating goats is a great way to bring attention to a site intended for urban agriculture while the land is still fallow and the design process is carried out. Contact us to learn more on how goats can clear your property.

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